Calculating Attack Damage on your Hero's Creatures can be tricky, because they always display the damage preformed by your creatures with your current gear! But here is a handy guide to help you along:

  1. Make sure the damage you are looking at is for ONLY ONE creature. If not, divide the damage by the number of creatures. For an axamples sake I will present a fictional number. "365"
  2. Figure out the strength your Damage modifiers, Might and Creature Bonuses. For example; two items that give Fate Weavers Attack Power 4% each, and might says "Creature Damage +162%". This means that your total Damage modifier for Fate Weavers is +170%, which is 270% total.
  3. Take 100%/270% ~ 0.370... (no use in using more than 3 decimals). This is your reversed modifier.
  4. 365 * 0.37 ~ 135,05. Assume base damage is an integer = 135.


For Core Creatures; assume Attack and Retaliation is closest integer,

For Elite Creatures, assume Attack is closest multiple of 5, and Retaliation is closest interger.

For Champion Creatures, assume Attack and Retaliation is closest multiple of 5.

Note 2: If you feel this Math is confusing you may leave the Attack and Retaliation field empty/"Number"/"???". You may also comment here on what is confusing and perhaps it could be explained better.