Description: When the innocent mage Anselma was facing her demise at the stake, she called Efreets to help her escape in a flash of flame, leaving just her possessions behind - burnt, but charged with fire magic.

Pieces: 6

Found in: Raid

Intended faction/class: Any/Magic

Set Bonuses Edit

2 Pieces

  • Luck 60

4 Pieces

  • Might 80

6 Pieces

  • Might 100

Primary Weapon Edit

Headgear Edit

Support Weapon Edit

Book of Ashen Promises

Magic Heroic Support Luck
760 360 72
Refinable Artefact Value Level
No 258 30

Creature Bonuses:

  • Archers Attack Power 20%
  • Marksmen Attack Power 20%
  • Cavaliers Attack Power 8%
  • Sun Crusaders Attack Power 8%

Lower Body Armour Edit

Body Armour Edit

Cloak of Firebird Feathers

Might Creature Defense Luck
735 365 58
Refinable Artefact Value Level
No 249 30

Creature Bonuses:

  • Griffins Attack Power 8%
  • Imperial Griffins Attack Power 8%
  • Celestials Resistance 3%
  • Seraphs Resistance 3%

Trinket Edit

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