Accepted from Escaped Soldier in Blackbough: Adder's Den

Description Edit

Escaped Soldier:

Asha help us! My unit! We... we were on duty in out home village, when this... monstrous Garokh came! We thought he'd slaughter us... but Garokh offered us a deal... he promised to spare us, if... we gave our souls to him. I knew he would trick us...

But my Captian, my comrades... once they offered Garokh their souls... they were bound to him. With srdonic laughter, he ordered them to... They turned into Demons... They... they killed their own families!I saw it... their eyes filled with horror, their hearts filled with grief... They suffer! Condemned to remember slaughtering their kin! Please... free them from their memories! Send their souls to Asha!

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Demon Invaders, 4
  • Go to Escaped Soldier

Rewards Edit

19 Wood

310 Experience

Notes Edit

Any Demon Invaders are good for this quest. So just hop on out there and defeat some battles.

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