Bag Edit

Your hero is equipped with a bag that can initially store 15 items, the bag can be further expanded by 5 slots at a time (for 2999 Hero Seals), up to a maximum of 50 slots.

This bag is further broken down into 5 categories:

Equipment Edit

These are your heroes usable equipment

Consumables Edit

These are shards, runestones and mana potions

Scrolls Edit

These are your battle scrolls, for usage on your heroes turn in battles.

Adornments Edit

Here goes items the changes your heroes appearance on the world map such as pets, dyes, titles and attire.

Collectables Edit

Here goes items that are usable for turning in to questgivers or the event market. Two such items of the earlier type are Angel Feathers and Phantom Coins

Equipped Inventory Edit

Your hero is provided with 6 equipment slots, one shard slot and one runestone slot

The equipment slots are all unique and requires matching equipment in it (e.g. a headgear item goes in the headgear armor slot).

The shard slot is for shards which boosts you experience growth and/or hero movement speed. The shards expire after some time, the length depending on the shard.

The runestone slot is for runestones which enhance your hero attributes. Like the shards, the runestones also expire.