Abyssal Lord (Champion)Al-Kadhir (Weekly Boss)Angel Feathers
Archer/Marksman (Core)BailiffsBattle Priest/Inquisitor (Core)
BlackboughBlessed Cavalier's ArmourBlood-Stained Leggings
Calculating Attack Damage on Hero CreatureCavalier/Sun Crusader (Elite)Celestial/Seraph (Champion)
Cerements of SorrowClassesConstruction Permit
CreatureCursed Skeleton Archer (Core)Daeva (Weekly Boss)
Daily QuestDeath Knight's AttireDeath is Order
Death is SerenityDemon Attack (Daily Quest)Desert Lamasus (Elite)
Desert Rakshasa (Core)Desert Spider (Elite)Desert Stinger (Core)
Dire Wolf (Elite)DyeEmber Treant (Elite)
Engaging in a BattleEquipmentEquipment Standardisation Guide
Fallen Hero's TestamentFate Spinner/Fate Weaver (Champion)Fire Arrow
Forest Centaur (Elite)Forgotten SiteFugitive Ghoul (Core)
Garments of the FaithfulGhost/Spectre (Core)Ghoul/Ravenous Ghoul (Core)
Giant Swarm Wyvern (Weekly Boss)Gifts of EmberGriffin/Imperial Griffin (Elite)
Handbook of the Stern WarlordHavenHaven Creatures
Hell Has No Fury... (Single Quest)Herbal Convalescences (Single Quest)Hero Abilities
Hero AttributesHero SealHrodger (Weekly Boss)
Inquisitor's LiveryInventoryItemdrop theories
Kindness of ElrathLamasus/Putrid Lamasus (Elite)Lesser Breeder (Elite)
Lesser Cerberus (Core)Lesser Juggernaut (Elite)Lesser Maniac (Core)
Lich/Archlich (Elite)Light (Ability Tree)List of "Valuable Might" items
List of CreaturesList of Equipment SetsList of Siege Battles
List of Story BossesList of Unique ItemsLost Soul (Core)
Magic (Class)Main PageMaps
Might & Magic: Heroes Online WikiaMight (Class)Necromancy (Abilitytree)
NecropolisNecropolis CreaturesOracle's Web
Orc Rioter (Core)Path of the PreacherPhantasmal Gown
Phantom CoinsPilgrim's GarbPit Lord (Champion)
Plate of Ominous ProvidencePlayable FactionsPoisonous Wyvern (Elite)
Praetorian's ArmamentPrison Overseer (Elite)Protectors of the Realm
ProvincesQuestRadiant Glory/Blazing Glory (Elite)
Relics of the ShantiriRisen Rakshasa (Elite)Sandro (Chapter 4)
Sar Khayn (Boss)Scavenger (Core)Secret Spot
Seductive Succubus (Elite)Sentinel/Praetorian (Core)Shortsword of the Quite Grave
Skeleton/Skeletal Spearman (Core)Soul Deliverer (Core)Soul Redeemer (Core)
Soul Seeker (Elite)Soul Stalker (Core)Stadium of Strife
Starving Ghoul (Core)StorylineStrike The Iron While It's Hot (Daily Quest)
Succubus (Core)Take Your Medicine (Single Quest)The Burning Light
The Coalition of ChampionsThe Ghoul Rioters' FallThe Great Fire (Daily Quest)
The Lost Gifts of ArkathThe Pride of LionsThe Ruptured (Elite)
The Shadows of KonosThe Ultimate TruthsThe Zealot's Sublimination
Three-Faced FortuneThunderbird (Champion)Tikaar's Panoply
Torn Treant (Champion)TownTreant Sapling (Core)
Treasures of the Flying BargesUnbound Stone Guard (Elite)Unit Standardisation Guide
Valrok (Weekly Boss)Vampire/Vampire Lord (Elite)Venom Spitting Spiderling (Core)
Vesta's AegisVicious Liches (Elite)Void-Consumed Treant (Elite)
Void-Controlled Cavalier (Elite)Void-Controlled Footman (Core)Void-Controlled Marksman (Core)
Void-Controlled Monk (Core)Void-Corrupted Knight (Elite)Void-Corrupted Seraph (Champion)
Void-Corrupted Wolf (Core)Void-Touched Wyvern (Elite)Volley
War and PeaceWeekly BossesWild Griffin (Core)
Wisdom of BelkethWise Vagrant's ChattelsWolf (Core)
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