• Week of Fear Event: 1 Pumpkins, 7 Gold

Attributes Edit


Amount Special
Attack 6 Ranged Fire (5)
Retaliation 2

Melee Fire

Immolating Retaliation

Initiative 4
Movement 5 Flying
HP 32

Base Resistances Edit

Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount
Melee Might -30% Ranged Might 0% Light -30% Darkness 0% Fire 30%
Water -30% Earth 0% Air 0% Prime 0% Seige 80%

Abilities Edit

  • Immolating Retaliation: Deals Fire Magic Damage to Enemy Stacks after they have attacked in Melee combat and applies an effect, which deals Fire Magic Damage each Round. This effect is stackable. Once selected, this Ability stays active in all Battles. Improved by Creature Defence. Fire Magic Damage, 2. Duration, 2 rounds. Applies Immolation: Fire Magic Damage per Round, 3. Charges: 1.