Description: These sorcery items were created from the body of an infamous renegade Ghoul leader. His skull and spine were crafted into a grotesque magic rod.

Pieces: 6

Found in: World Map, Whispering Plains (2 pieces bought from Black Fang Trader in Whispering Plains: Southern Dunes)

Intended faction/class: Necropolis/Magic

Set Bonuses Edit

2 Pieces

  • Ghouls Attack Power 10%
  • Ravenous Ghouls Attack Power 10%

4 Pieces

  • Magic, 45

6 Pieces

  • Ghosts Heal Power 10%
  • Spectres Heal Power 10%

Headgear Edit

Ghoul's Skullcap

Magic Heroic Support Spirit
280 140 80
Refinable Artefact Value Level
No 100 15

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