Description: Mere shadows cast into form, these magic wands hit their targets with bolts of manifested horrors. Everyone struck by them is imbued with flickering images of their own inevitable death.

Pieces: 2

Found in: World Map, Lightlands, Corrupted Haven (and associated Treasure Chest)

Intended faction/class: Necropolis/Magic

Set Bonuses Edit

2 Pieces

  • Magic, 80
  • Liches Attack Power 8%
  • Archliches Attack Power 8%

Primary Weapon Edit

Staff of Cerian Doom

Might Dreature Defense Spirit
380 405 160
Refinable Artefact Value Level
No 199 29

Creature Bonuses:

  • Ghouls Attack Power 10%
  • Ravenous Ghouls Attack Power 10%

Support Weapon Edit

Or of Bitter Ending

Magic Heroic Support Spirit
405 360 180
Refinable Artefact Value Level
No 199 29

Creature Bonuses:

  • Skeletons Attack Power 20%
  • Skeletal Spearmen Attack Power 20%

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